November 28, 2022

The Royal Ascot is one of the most prestigious events in London and has been since the 18th century. It’s a horse race that takes place annually at Ascot Racecourse, England. The event was founded by Queen Anne in 1711 as part of her preparations for war against France; as such, its original purpose was to raise funds for military needs. Nowadays, it’s much more than that. Many people from all over the world – some of who like to place a few bets on their favorite horse on sites like – come to the UK solely for the Royal Ascot – and why is that so? Read on to find out. 

Who is allowed to attend the Royal Ascot?

To attend this prestigious event, you must have a ticket. Tickets can be purchased from the Royal Ascot website or from their office. If you buy your ticket online, there are different packages available, starting at £40 for a basic seat in the grandstand and going up to £40,000 for a full-day pass that includes VIP treatment.

Women and Fascinators

A fascinator is a hat that you wear to the races, as opposed to a traditional hat. The term is often used interchangeably with “hat,” but it’s more correct to call it a headband or cap. It’s also called a birdcage because of its shape—a circle with an open top and feathers sticking out of the sides.

But how do you wear one? First, make sure that the right side of the brim is facing down on your forehead (and not turned up at all). Then, start by placing your hair in a high ponytail—leave enough room so that when you put on your fascinator, it doesn’t cover any part of your face. Next, roll up some bobby pins and pin them into place at either end of where your hair starts coming out from underneath the fascinator so that they anchor it securely into place.

Men and Top Hats

Men were expected to wear a top hat. A top hat is a black felt hat with a round crown, narrow brim and stiff brim designed to be worn straight on the head, usually in conjunction with morning dress and/or striped trousers.

Top hats are associated with tradition and class. They’re worn at formal events such as weddings, Ascot races (the reason we’re talking about them here!) and state funerals. In fact, some people will say that there are few things more inherently British than wearing a top hat!


The Queen attends every year. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now regulars, as well as, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and their children Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis can also be seen at events.

Princesses Eugenie, Beatrice and Eugenie are regular attendees too!

Celebrities and Socialites

Celebrities and socialites have always been a fixture at the Royal Ascot.

Most likely it’s because they want to see if they can score an invite into the royal enclosure; but we bet many celebrities are also hoping that by attending this high profile event they’ll get noticed by photographers so that paparazzi will snap photos of them looking fabulous in their designer clothes.